June 6, 2017
Five Best Places to Travel by Train in Europe

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The way to travel from the East to West coast in the United States for years was by train. It was the form of transportation before planes made travel more quick and efficient. Today, trains are still utilized for the purpose of getting people to their destinations timely, but are often forgotten in the United States as a way of leisure travel. In countries across the world, especially in Europe, it is not uncommon to travel country to country by train. There are more scenic routes and destinations along the way that are worth exploring in Europe. 

Northern Europe

In Northern Europe, Norway is home to the Flåm Railway. It begins in Aurlandsfjord and arrives in the mountains surrounding Myrdal Station. It has been named one of the most beautiful and scenic railroad trips in the world. Along the journey, passengers are fortunate enough to take in the views of lush green hills, wild flowers, rivers, and streams while making their way into the breath-taking mountain views. While the views are the main attraction, riders might be unaware of the elevation change. The Flåm Railway is one of the steepest railroads in the world! The journey begins at sea level and concludes in the high mountains of Norway!


South of Norway and across the North Seads leads you into the Netherlands. A two hour sightseeing trip is spectacular from Amsterdam to Groningen. In the spring, travelers are fortunate enough to catch sight of the famous Dutch tulips in bloom. The tulips are not the only attraction in this landscape. There are plenty of windmills and rolling green fields to be seen as well, making for a relaxing and worthwhile trip.


When it comes to scenery, most travelers will refer you to travel in Switzerland. The lands look almost untouched, vibrant and are truly breathtaking. The Bernina Express is a combination of the perfect fairytale scene and James Bond. The sightseeing is everything an individual could ever dream of while being charming and adventurous. This train travels through multiple tunnels and mountains offering views of the Swiss Alps, villages, and lakes.


For adventurers looking to do more than just ride the train and take in scenic views all day, look no further. The railway from Levanto to La Spezia in Italy is a quick, forty minute (one way) train ride. The ride offers views of the Italian riviera and views of beautiful vineyards. At the final stop, travelers can get off and explore the surrounding villages and trails.


For someone who wants to get a worldly experience, the Venice Simplon Orient-Express is the ideal trip to take. This railway begins in London, travels into Paris and concludes in Italy. It is a luxurious and boutique style train with varying travel lengths. The train rides can go from two days to six. The train carriages have a vintage style which really set the mood for an experience of a lifetime.


Traveling by train allows people to see landscapes and experience life from a different perspective, other than traveling 30,000 feet up in the air.