July 19, 2017
Five Great Beaches Around the World

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The weather is hot, the kids have school off, and you’ve saved up those vacation days at work. Now is the perfect opportunity to grab a drink, slip on your bathing suit, lather on some SPF, and lay out on the beach. Whether you’re planning the perfect family vacation or you’d like to venture solo, I’ve listed out some of the top beaches across the globe. First stop, Playa del Amor, Marietas Islands, Mexico.

  1. Playa del Amor, Marietas Islands, Mexico

playa del amor

This hidden, yet not-so-hidden beach ranks highly among those that can find it. Along the lush greenery, you’ll peak over and notice a large hole that leads to the beach. Visitors can only make their way in through a water tunnel which links the beach to the Pacific Ocean. If you have a passion for adventure, this is probably the beach for you. To get to this beach, be prepared for a 60-minute boat ride followed by either a swim or a kayak through a long tunnel.

2. Cathedrals Beach, Ribadeo, Spain

cathedrals beach

While this beach has a sea of names, it is most commonly referred to as Cathedrals Beach. Natural art has been created here due to the pounding waves from the Atlantic Ocean. During low tide, beach-goers enjoy walking between the cliffs where you can see jaw-dropping rock formations. When it’s high tide, the natural formations are almost entirely gone. The landscapes do, however, change in color as the sun reflects off the pools of water left behind.

3. One Foot Island, Aitutaki, Cook Islands

One Foot IslandFeaturing coconut palm trees, white sandy beaches, and crystal clear blue waters, this has been ranked as one of the most popular beaches in the world, year after year. If you’re seeking complete privacy there is absolutely no doubt that you’ll find it here. Why? Only fishermen reside on the mainland. The triangular fill of water is so blue that you’ll swear you’re staring straight into a painting.

4. Pelican Beach, South Water Caye, Belize

Pelican Beach

From snorkeling and fishing to lounging in the sand, Pelican Beach is ideal for those who want to splash around a bit as well as those who just want to rest. Here you’ll notice sea grass, coral reefs and mangroves. Since this beach is fairly remote, you’ll be experiencing absolute serenity. Most travelers will book a place right at Pelican Beach Resort where they can step outside onto the warm, soft sand.

5. Cas Abao Beach, Curaçao

Cas Abao Beach

There aren’t too many beaches you can go to that offer a a daiquiri bar and water trampoline. Cas Abao Beach provides plenty of amenities such as beach chair rentals, palm parasolas, changing rooms, lockers as well as the Beach Bar & Restaurant. If you really want to relax, get in touch with the masseur while you listen to the calming ocean waves.


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