October 27, 2017
Five Items You Should Never Put In Your Check-in Luggage

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Other than the obvious things like chemicals and hazardous items, here are some items you should never put in your check-in bags.


Travel Documents


Things like your plane/train tickets, passports, government issued IDs, and hotel confirmations should never be put your check-in luggage. A simple delay of your luggage can affect your entire trip. Keep them close by, either in your carry-on bag, or in your pockets. Organize them in a travel wallet or folder so they’re kept together and easy to access. If you want to be super safe, make photocopies!




Your laptop, mobile phone, mp3 player, and whatnot should never be put in your check-in luggage unless mandated (certain airports). This is because airport staff toss luggage around like hacky-sacks! Also, theft is not uncommon among airport luggage handlers! Avoid damage and theft to your electronics by simply packing them in your carry-on. This might not be an issue soon as the United States is considering banning laptops from checked luggage.




Things like money, checks, credit cards, jewelry, and other high-value commodities should never be packed in your check-in luggage. They should always be close with you. In the case of jewelry, it can be a good idea just to wear it.




Whether it’s your home or car keys, never pack them in your check-in! Imagine returning from your trip and having your bags lost or delayed. Unless you have someone home, you’ll be locked out or without a car until your luggage arrives!




Medications, especially prescribed ones, should always be packed in your carry-on. In the event your luggage is lost, stolen, or delayed, you medications will be with you when you need them!