October 23, 2017
Five Tips for Getting Comfortable on a Plane

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If you have ever flown, you know first hand about how cramped and uncomfortable a flight can be. Whether it’s a quick flight, or you’re going across the world, it can be real tough to get in a position where you feel perfectly comfortable. If you’re like most people, and not sitting in First Class, you will have to struggle to get cozy. No, there is no way to magically make your rigid plane seat feel like a Tempurpedic, but there are a few tips to get in a position where you feel happy and relaxed enough so that you can hopefully fall asleep. Because let’s face it, that’s usually the goal while on a flight.

Tip #1:

First tip, and a pretty obvious one, is to get a neck pillow. Some people are super anti-neck pillow, but the pillows can actually be reasonably comfortable when you finagle them a bit. Try to get an inflatable neck pillow. That way you don’t have to carry around a large object through the airport, or waste room in your bag for it. Once you have it on the plane, get creative. You don’t have to wear it in the traditional way-leaning your head back with the open portion below your chin. Turn it around and lean forward, or sideways, and lean on a shoulder. Just move the pillow around and find a position that works for you.

Tip #2:

Another obvious way to get comfortable is to lean your seat back. The oldest trick in the book, some people don’t like to do it because they don’t want to bother the person sitting behind them. You’re allowed to be a little selfish when it comes to your comfort, and the person behind you can always recline their own chair as well. 

Tip #3:

This one is a little more creative. If you can’t seem to get comfortable by leaning back or using a neck pillow, pull out your tray table and put your head down. Imagine it like falling asleep at school. Rest your head down on your folded arms, or use your neck pillow for support.

Tip #4:

Bring a thick sweatshirt. Airplanes tend to get chilly so it’s not a bad idea to bring a sweatshirt anyway. If you bring a thick enough sweatshirt, you can fold it up and turn it into a useful pillow.

Tip 5:

The last tip actually has to do with legroom. Unless you’re in the emergency exit row, you’re not likely to have much leg room anywhere. Especially if you have a bulky personal item you brought that you have to stow under the seat in front of you. Try to keep the size of your personal item to a minimum. Or better yet, don’t even bring one. Personal items take away from your legroom, which is already limited as it is.

These hints will not make your seat feel like your bed, but they can help you make the most of an uncomfortable situation. Of course, many of these tips also depend on which seat you’re in. A window seat is optimal for leaning on the side of the plane. If you’re in the middle seat, you may want to consider the tray table option. Be aware of where your seat is, and you’ll be fast asleep for the entire flight. You can also check out this article on five tips for making Economy flying less painful.