June 22, 2018
Flight Review: Aer Lingus Economy Class A330 Dublin-Boston

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I was able to visit Cork, Galway, and Dublin on my first trip to Ireland earlier this year. I booked a ticket in Aer Lingus Economy Class for my return flight from Dublin to Boston. I’ve flown this route in Aer Lingus Business Class before, but there were no award seats available during my travel days this time around.


I booked a one-way Economy flight to Boston and paid with my Platinum Card from American Express. The Platinum card earns 5x Membership Rewards points per $1 on airfare booked directly booked with an airline. I paid an additional €50 to select an extra legroom seat in the exit row.


I was surprised to find the Economy seats laid out in a 2-4-2 configuration since most international airlines pack Economy with 3-4-3 seats nowadays. I had an obscene amount of legroom since I was in an exit row. I didn’t feel any need to recline the chair since my legs were free to move about as I liked.

The biggest drawback was the seat cushion. The thing was not padded very well and would slide forward about an inch. You ended up sitting on what felt like a hard chair for seven hours since the padding was so thin.

In Flight Entertainment

Exit row seats have a small TV monitor that’s tucked into the armrest. It needs to be stowed during takeoff and landing. You’re free to use it at all other times. There were plenty of movies, TV shows, and games available. I ended up playing a bit of solitaire.

Amenities & Wi-Fi

Each seat came with a small pillow and a pair of cheap earphones. Those were the only amenities. Unfortunately, the flight was cold nearly the entire time so I wish there was a blanket available.

There were three tiers of Wi-Fi available. “Aer Social” offered 50MB of internet for $7.95, “Smart Choice” offered 120MB of internet for $15.95, and “Aer Max” offered 270MB of internet for $32.95. Those prices seem outrageously expensive and offer a very small amount of data. I’d probably burn through 100MB of data just by updating all my social media accounts. I didn’t purchase the Wi-Fi so I can’t comment about the speed.


Meal service started with a small bag of complimentary pretzels and drinks.

We had the option to purchase the additional snacks listed above.

The standard meal service was a meat or vegetarian dish. Aer Lingus lets you order additional food items online ahead of time for €30. It includes slightly better food, better plating, and a bottle of alcohol. I had pre-ordered the above salmon dish. It was surprisingly good for Economy Class food, although that should be expected since I paid extra for it.

My travel companion pre-ordered this steak. She said it tasted good as well and wasn’t overcooked. We were given our meal before other Economy passengers. The only downside was that they cleared our trays dead last. They took our trays away around half an hour after they cleared the rest of Economy.

The flight attendants came around about an hour before landing with these “afternoon tea” boxes. There’s a brownie and a small chicken wrap inside. We were also offered coffee and tea. They both tasted great, but the portion size was miniscule.


Service was fine overall. It wasn’t anything special and it wasn’t bad. It’s about what you’d expect in Economy. (It was a million times better than the average United flight attendant though).

Overall Rating

Seats: 7/10

In Flight Entertainment: 7/10

Amenities: 2/5

Wi-Fi: 3/5

Dining: 7/10

Service: 7/10

Departure/Arrival Timeliness: 4/5


Cumulative Rating: 6.7/10

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