December 30, 2016
Flight Review: Air Canada Toronto-Munich Business Class

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I was originally scheduled to fly from Toronto (YYZ) to Munich (MUC) on Air Canada in Economy class. I gave the boarding agent my ticket and she told me I had been upgraded to business class. I have no idea why, and she was rushing so I didn’t want to be too nosy and annoy the person who had just upgraded me. I suspect that I was upgraded because the flight was completely full with people on standby in Economy, so they bumped some passengers to Business to take more people on the plane.



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The Boeing 777 was laid out in a 1-2-1 configuration and I lucked into seat 1D. All the seats were lie-flat seats and came with a comforter, full size pillow, amenity kit, and a bottle of water. The right counter side of the seat opens up and gives you a decent amount of storage space along with a wall and USB outlet. My only complaint about the seat is the tray table. The resting position is half out underneath the TV. This makes it a bit awkward and takes up space in front of you.




We were given an option of sparkling wine, orange juice, or water for pre-flight drinks. Shortly after takeoff, we served mixed nuts and more drinks (I got tea).

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After that, we were served appetizers of smoked salmon, salad with balsamic, and an assortment of breads. For our main course, we had the option of Beef Tenderloin, Chicken Saltimbocca, Rustic Cod, and Burrata di Puglia Raviollu. The beef tasted great for airplane food!


After a comfortable but short overnight nap, breakfast was served! We had to order breakfast at the beginning of the flight so the crew could prepare without waking us up earlier than needed. Everything tasted great except the sausages (just ok) and I’m not sure what the white stuff in the middle of the plate was.


Final Thoughts

Overall the flight was very comfortable, the seats were great, the food was flavorful, and the service was amiable. Huge thank you to Air Canada for the upgrade, although I wish I knew why I was selected. I’d definitely fly Air Canada business again 🙂