June 26, 2017
Flight Review: Air France Premium Economy 777-300 Paris-Boston

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About a week after taking Air France from Boston-Paris in Premium Economy on a Boeing 777-200, I flew back home in Premium Economy on a 777-300. Most of the flight experience was the same, but there were some notable differences.



Air France’s Premium Economy cabin is laid out in a 2-4-2- seating configuration. The width and legroom is similar to what you’ll find in US domestic First Class. They’re definitely much more comfortable than Economy, but nothing like a Business Class seat. In fact, these seats have a very minimal recline. They do come with a pull-down footrest, but that didn’t help much when I was trying to sleep.

Each seat comes with a pillow, blanket, headphones, and an amenity kit. The blanket wasn’t like the thin, borderline useless blankets you get in Economy Class. They were thick and soft  🙂

All the consoles between seats come with two power outlets and USB chargers.


In Flight Entertainment

The biggest difference between this flight and my previous flight on the 777-200 was the in flight entertainment system. The IFE on this jet was clearly very old. It’s a touchscreen monitor but also comes with a remote. The touchscreen had a lot of lag and didn’t respond to my touch half the time. I had to use the remote to input commands (first world problems). I say this because the IFE on the 777-200 was one of the most responsive I’ve ever seen on a plane. It felt like I was interacting with an iPad. The movie and show selection was similar on both flights, but the 777-200 had a few more recent films.



Here’s the Premium Economy menu from my flight. Passengers also receive complimentary alcohol.

I ordered the chicken curry with cilantro rice and smoked salmon steak. The chicken tasted surprisingly good for Economy food and it wasn’t as oily as the chicken on my previous Air France flight. There wasn’t much cilantro in the rice (which was good since I don’t like cilantro).

The flight attendants distributed a light second meal about an hour before landing. As you can see, it was nothing special.


I enjoyed my Premium Economy flight with Air France. The flight attendants were polite and respectful and the food was fine. The only downside was the old in flight entertainment system-it’s definitely due for an upgrade. Premium Economy was perfectly comfortable for a daytime flight from Europe to the US. It’s not so great for an overnight flight however, as the seats don’t recline much. Better to book a Business Class seat using miles in that scenario 😉