August 13, 2018
Flight Review: KLM Business Class 777 Amsterdam-Osaka

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I was looking forward to returning to Japan after a crazy week in Ibiza, Spain. I first visited Tokyo and Mount Fuji in 2017. This time I was headed to Osaka and nearby Kyoto.


I booked my KLM Business Class ticket from Barcelona (BCN) to Amsterdam (AMS) to Osaka (KIX) using 90,000 Flying Blue miles. I paid $200 in taxes & fees using my Platinum Card from American Express to earn 5x Membership Rewards points per $1. I don’t keep a lot of airline miles sitting in my Flying Blue account. Once I found award space on the KLM flight, I transferred the required miles from my Chase Ultimate Rewards account to Flying Blue and then booked the ticket.


Seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, so every passenger has direct aisle access. They looked well maintained and felt comfortable for the duration of the long flight. The size of the footwell was a bit small so it wasn’t ideal when you were reclining the seat.

There was a small storage sleeve next to the seat where I could put my iPad and a thin book. There’s another small storage space under the in-flight entertainment monitor, but that’s not ideal for takeoff and landing as objects will likely fall.

And there is a storage area by the right side of your shoulder. This is the main space I used to store my objects during the flight. Overall there wasn’t a whole lot of space available, but it wasn’t much worse than the typical Business Class seat these days.

Each seat came with a blanket, pillow, headphones, and slippers. There’s also a power outlet and USB outlet available.

In-Flight Entertainment

The in-flight monitor was fine-nothing spectacular and nothing terribly disappointing. The system is controlled via a remote control. The standard selection of movies and TV shows were available for the flight. I ended up catching up on my Friends episodes during dinner.

Amenities & Wi-Fi

Flight attendants distributed amenity kits shortly after boarding. We got to choose which of the two designs we wanted. It includes the standard items like tooth paste, tooth brush, eye mask, chapstick, etc. Wi-Fi was not available on this flight.


Flight attendants came by with welcome drinks shortly after boarding. Our options were sparkling wine, water, orange juice, or Heineken.

We were then served a small tomato and cheese quiche which tasted excellent.

Dinner wasn’t a very good experience once the plane took off. Right off the bat, food service was very slow. Service started about an hour after takeoff. We began with a bowl of nuts and drinks.

I chose tomato soup with a side salad as my appetizer. The soup was delicious.

Entrée options were chicken, a Japanese selection, or braised beef. I went with the chicken picadillo. The chicken tasted alright and was edible, but it didn’t really look like chicken. My sister ordered the same thing and couldn’t eat hers because she’s more of a picky eater than myself. I feel KLM could have definitely done better with the taste and presentation of the meal.

Dessert options were cheese, vanilla ice cream, an apple tart, or fruit. I didn’t have any so can’t comment. A small breakfast was offered on arrival into Osaka but I slept through it.


Service was hit or miss. The flight attendants serving food did their jobs well, aside from being slow. They didn’t do anything special or anything, but everything was fine. The attendants weren’t so good after dinner service. For example, no-one came by with water during the flight and they wouldn’t get out of the way then I was walking to and from the bathrooms.

Overall Rating

Here’s my overall rating of the flying experience broken down by category:

Seats- 8/10

In Flight Entertainment- 7/10

Amenities- 4/5

Wi-Fi- 0/5

Dining- 6/10

Service- 6/10

Departure/Arrival Timeliness- 4/5


Cumulative Ranking: 6.3/10