March 1, 2018
Four Oneworld Airlines are adding Basic Economy Trans-Atlantic Fares

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American Airlines first rolled out the headache of Basic Economy in February 2017. Basic Economy fares get you an Economy seat with a host of restrictions-like no carry-ons, seats assigned at check-in, no upgrade eligibility, last to board, no EQMs, and reduced EQS earning. American then moved to expand the restrictive fare class to certain US-Canada routes over the summer.

Apparently customers don’t seem to hate Basic Economy enough, because it’s now coming to trans-Atlantic routes. American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, and Finnair are adding Basic Economy to certain trans-Atlantic flights starting April 2018. The airlines are starting gradually in order to train their staff before a full scale rollout.

As you can see, the trans-Atlantic Basic Economy restrictions are very similar to the domestic and Canadian restrictions. There’s some minor tweaks to paying for seat assignments, carry-ons, and checked bags to make it slightly less aweful. American left a couple major details out of this cart though. Trans-Atlantic Basic Economy customers can change their tickets for a fee, while short-haul customers can’t change their tickets, and trans-Atlantic customers will earn 50% EQMs and EQSs.

Delta, Air France, KLM, and Alitalia imposed similar Basic Economy restrictions on certain trans-Atlantic flights a few months ago. That makes Star Alliance partners the best option to avoid these fares when flying across the pond.

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