October 24, 2017
Four Things Not to do in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Sao Paulo, also known as Sampa by the locals, is one of the biggest cities in the world! It’s the economic powerhouse of both Brazil and South America. It is not the most physically attractive city in the world, but it draws millions of tourists each year. Here’s what NOT to do there:


Do NOT Think it is Easy Moving around the City!


Sao Paulo is MASSIVE, both in terms of population and area. With this comes traffic-both on the road and on the metro system. Always plan ahead and give yourself a lot time before going somewhere. Do NOT follow your GPS’s or Google maps’ estimated time of arrival, as it is usually wrong!


Do NOT Flaunt your Bling


Like most major cities in Brazil, you must be careful in the streets. Don’t walk around showing off your expensive jewelry or clothing. Dress more casual and try to blend in with the locals. Beware of pickpockets on the metro. Overall, play things cool but don’t let your guard down.


Do NOT miss the Mercado Municipal (the Municipal Market)!


This indoor market is an absolute gem in Sao Paulo. You can taste all the flavors and cuisines of Brazil under one roof. It contains fruits and vegetables from all over the country along with produce and meats!  Many tourists miss this attraction and its many kiosks, restaurants, and snack stands when they come to Sao Paulo. The smells and tastes of this place will truly amaze you. You will see fruits and vegetables that you never knew existed! The market is also famous for its huge Italian mortadella sandwiches.



Do Not Expect The Postcard Brazilian Experience


Brazil is known for its jungles and beaches. However, Sao Paulo is 2 hours inland from the coast and far away from the amazon jungle. It is more of a concrete jungle than anything. Do not expect to get the Rio de Janeiro experience in Sampa. Sao Paulo is more of an urban economic and cultural center of Brazil. It is a melting pot of all the regions in Brazil and the world! Overall it’s a great place for cosmopolitan shopping, barhopping, nightlife, and museums.