November 17, 2017
Germany Reveals Futuristic Train with Game Consoles and Onboard Gym

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Germany’s state run Deutsche Bahn train system announced plans for a new train full of tech that should appeal to younger travelers. It’s called the “ideenzzug”, which translates to idea train in English. While this is just a concept, it could signal the future of rail transportation.

The idea train will have a gym with exercise bikes, a fitness studio, and a virtual coach. No word yet on if there will be a weights section

There’s a coach with TVs and game consoles

There’s a separate kids coach for children to play games while their parents relax on benches

The idea train’s goal is to provide an alternative mode of transportation to the impending self-driving cars and flying taxis which are currently in development. Are you be more likely to take the train if it had all these modern gadgets? While this sounds great, I’m not sure how it can compete with Hyperloop if Hyperloop delivers on its promises.

Images Courtesy of Deutsche Bahn

H/T: Engadget