December 12, 2017
Google Maps Update Helps Ensure You Don’t Miss Your Stop

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Google is set to push a pretty cool update to Google Maps shortly. The app currently gives you transit directions for buses and trains. It tells you which line to take, what time the vehicle is expected to arrive, what all the stops are, where to get off, and your estimated arrival time. TechCrunch reports that Google Maps will start sending out alerts as you approach your transit stop.

Once you hit “Start”, the app will display live updates as you walk to and ride your bus or train. The app will also tell you when its time to get off. That way you’ll still know when you’ve arrived if you’ve fallen asleep or are unable to hear the bus and train announcements.

Mass transit is essential for frequent travelers and non-travelers alike. Google Maps is one of my seven essential travel apps and I’m pretty much always using it to find my way around a foreign city. This should make navigating public transit much easier, especially in countries with stops named after things you can’t pronounce.