December 7, 2017
Hilton’s New “Connected Room” is Coming in 2018

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Holton announced details of its next generation “Connected Room” this morning. It’s essentially a smart room which can be personalized by every guest according to his/her preferences. The room is entirely controlled with the Hilton mobile app. The concept is in the late stages of beta testing and is expected to rollout across Hilton properties in the United States beginning in 2018.

Hilton is starting out with the easiest aspects of a smart room first. Guests staying at Connected Room enabled properties will initially be able to control the temperature, lighting, TV, and window coverings with their mobile device. Guest can also access their personal streaming services, like Netflix, Pandora, etc on the in-room TV.

Looking ahead, Hilton wants to install a range of connected devices to give customers even more control of their room. Guests will eventually be able to use voice commands to control the room, access their content, and upload their own photos to display in the room. Marriott is working on its own “Smart Rooms” and already has a functioning prototype.

Images Courtesy of Hilton