January 23, 2018
Hotel Review: Le Dokhan’s Deluxe Room in Paris

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I spent a few days at Le Dokhan’s hotel in Paris in December 2017. The small boutique hotel is part of Starwood’s Tribute Portfolio collection. It’s located in the center of Paris, about a 10-15 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe and a 5-10 minute walk from the metro.


Finding the hotel was a bit challenging. There’s a tiny label with the hotel’s name on the building’s exterior which is very easy to miss. Check-in went smoothly, but it wasn’t anything exemplary either. I had booked a Deluxe room with a queen bed. The agent made no indication whether or not I could be upgraded because of my SPG Platinum status and I was too tired to remember to ask at that point.


Hotel rooms in France are generally small because most of them are remodeled centuries old buildings. My room at Le Dokhan’s was definitely cramped, with the queen bed taking up most of the available space.

Furniture included a small coffee table, a couple chairs, a mini two-person couch, and a desk with the TV monitor. There was a hot water boiler available alongside a selection of coffee and tea, there was a mini-fridge with the standard assortment of beverages, and a bottle of wine for sale on the desk.

The bathroom was modern and well appointed, but small.

Here’s a picture of the shower. The room came with a complimentary smartphone which guests are allowed to use as they like. The best part is that it comes with free 4G data. There was also a safe in the closet, but it was too small to hold my 13” laptop.


Le Dokhan’s has one restaurant located to the right of the lobby. This photo is pretty much the size of the place-it’s tiny. That said, it never filled to capacity so I guess it’s large enough for the number of visitors it sees. I had breakfast here on several occasions. Everything I tried was fresh and tasted excellent. Service was generally well executed and efficient, but I it wasn’t perfect. The chef added cheese to my omelet one morning when I hadn’t requested cheese and it took ages to call a waiter on one occasion. These weren’t big issues, but it wasn’t perfect.


There was no gym. I wasn’t really expecting a gym at a small niche hotel like this, but I think it’s important for hotels to offer gyms and it’s something I look for. If you want to exercise while you’re in Paris, I wouldn’t stay here.


The main notable amenity was the Wi-Fi. The hotel had free Wi-Fi which was fast and consistently worked well. I should also mention that I received a couple macaroons in my room as a welcome amenity for being a Platinum member. Now on to the lack of amenities-there were no available power outlets. No outlets by the bed, by the desk, or in the bathroom. I had to unplug the room’s complimentary smartphone charger (located under the desk) to plug in my device. This is not acceptable in 2017.

Overall Rating

Check-In: 4/5

Recognition of SPG status: 2.5/5

Room Comfort: 3/5

Bed Comfort: 5/5

Wi-Fi & Power Outlets: 3/5

Dining: 6/10

Gym: 1/5

Service: 7/10

Cumulative Rating 6.3/10

This wasn’t a bad hotel, it just had a few misses that could be improved. The staff were generally very attentive and well meaning. The hotel’s biggest draw is the location and price. It’s close to the all the action in Paris while being notably cheaper than larger hotels nearby. Would I stay here again? If I was looking for a cheap SPG hotel in Paris then I could, but it’s definitely not an ideal first choice.

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Featured Image Courtesy of Le Dokhan’s