July 5, 2018
Hotel Review: Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove in Seychelles

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I began my trip to the Seychelles with a stay on Mahe, the country’s main island. Le Meridien is about a 30 minute drive from the airport. I ended up paying the equivalent of $59 for the taxi. Booking a car through the hotel would have cost closer to $30. Taxi drivers at the Seychelles will try and gauge you.


You can book this hotel using SPG Starpoints or cash. I booked a Junior Suite with Sea View room. This was the cheapest room available when I made the reservation.


There weren’t many guests around when I arrived so I was helped right away. Check-in was efficient and smooth. The hotel manager came out to welcome me to Mahe and thank me for being a Platinum member. That was a nice touch. I was also upgraded to an Executive Ocean Front Suite-the largest room category available.


The Executive suite was nice…but not quite the level I was expecting from a hotel’s top tier room. Room 164 was just a five second walk from the ocean. Alternatively, I could open my door and sit in my large garden if I chose. The suite’s main downside is the lack of privacy. My room is the one with the two red pillows-it’s in the center of this large building. There was another room to my left and another one to my right. This building is divided into three suites which all share open garden space adjacent to one another.

On to the room tour! This is the large closet located immediately to your right as you walk into the room.

The toilet is across from the closet room.

You then walk down a short hallway and find the shower, bathrub, and sinks on your right hand side.

Here’s a closeup of the bathtub

And here’s one of the sinks. This isn’t easily apparent from the photos, but there’s no door to this ‘room’. You just walk in and out of the large space. I know hotels love these open designs nowadays, but you need something blocking the person taking a shower for heaven’s sake.

You then go down a few steps into this open bedroom and work area.

And finally, this is the living room area in front of the outdoor patio. I appreciate the upgrade, but there were several things I didn’t like about the room in no particular order.

  • The furniture felt dated
  • The room was dark (they need stronger light bulbs)
  • The shower area had no door which means zero privacy and water on the floor

There were also a few service issues with my room.

  • There was no do not disturb sign, I had to call to request one
  • The phone stopped working after a couple days. They replaced it with another unit which had no labels indicating which buttons were for housekeeping, room service, the front desk etc. I had to push random buttons and hope the right person answered.
  • Housekeeping forgot the replace the small hand towels one of the days (not a huge deal)
  • It took 40 minutes for room service (I had ordered a salad). They also put cheese on my salad when I had asked for no cheese.


Paris Seychelles located on the dock

There’s three restaurants at this Le Meridian. There’s a fine dining restaurant (open for dinner) on the pier called Paris Seychelles. There’s a buffet restaurant called Le Cardinal (open for breakfast and dinner). And there’s a more casual bar restaurant called Sunset Bar (open from lunch-late night).

Here’s the seating at the buffet location. The front row of tables has a great view of the ocean.

You’ll find the standard cold and hot breakfast buffet items here. They have plenty of cereal, bread, cheese, fruit, pancakes, etc along with several Asian dishes. I found negative things worth mentioning however. First, the scrambled eggs were exceedingly runny half time and tasted awful. I don’t know if they used powdered eggs or what but they just tasted bad. They do have a chef who makes fresh eggs on demand. And this brings us to my second disappointment. The fresh made omelets tasted great, but the chef was borderline rude. Not a single smile during the five nights I was there and short, terse answers every time. This wasn’t a one off thing, it was every morning I saw her.

Fish from Creole dinner buffet

They have a rotating dinner schedule here. It can be Creole food, International food, Arabic food, or Mediterranean food. I tried Creole night and Mediterranean night and didn’t like either one. I don’t know if the local food just wasn’t to my taste or what, but I didn’t like any of the options. I had to eat what was least-bad. This should not be happened at a buffet with international guests.

Lunch at Sunset Bar

The Sunset Bar served great food and drinks. Everything I ordered tasted well prepared and quality. That said, service was hit or miss. For example, I was sitting 10 minutes before a server came by to take my order on one occasion. The workers seemed well intentioned but struggled at times. My frozen strawberry daiquiri (pictured above) was clearly overfilled. They probably made too much and decided to put it all in the glass. That’s great, but ice melts very fast when it’s 80 degrees out. A lot of the drink ended up pooled on my table.


This was the entire gym. The multi-use machine in the center was broken for the duration of my stay. Needless to say this gym was a disappointment.

SPA & Pool

The Spa is in the same facility as the gym. I didn’t use the Spa so can’t comment on it. The pool was gorgeous though! It’s right in front of the ocean and there were always seats available.


The room came with two daily complimentary bottles of water, tea, and coffee. The hotel offers a free and paid tier of internet access. I received the paid version for free because of my Platinum status. It was fast enough to stream videos. The connection only works in main areas like your room, the lobby, the restaurants, the pool etc. It doesn’t work in the hotel’s hallways.


Service was really all over the place here. Some of the workers were excellent and very good at helping me out when I had questions or needed something. Many of the employees were forgettable-meaning they were just going about doing their jobs. And some of the workers could be rude or apathetic.

Overall Rating

Check-In: 5/5

Recognition of SPG status: 4/5

Room Comfort: 3/5

Bed Comfort: 5/5

Wi-Fi & Power Outlets: 4/5

Dining: 5/10

Gym: 1/5

Service: 5/10

Cumulative Rating: 6.4/10

Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove was a decent hotel, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re flying all the way out to the Seychelles. It’s just too far of a trip to have to deal with mediocre food and service issues. The property is gorgeous but they need to work out the service kinks.

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