April 4, 2017
How I Earn Thousands of Bonus Miles through Online Shopping

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One of the best ways to earn airline miles is through online shopping portals. These portals list hundreds of online stores for major retailers. All you have to do is login to your airline’s shopping portal, click the retailer you want, make your purchase on the retailer’s website, and earn lots of bonus miles-just for taking the 30 seconds to click through the shopping portal.


Every major airline and credit card company has its own shopping portal. Typically, every shopping portal offers a different bonus amount. For example,  the British Airways shopping portal offers 3X miles per $1 spent at the Apple Store, while the Hawaiian Airlines portal offers 1.5X miles per $1 and Delta offers 1X miles per $1. Given that you can get widely different bonuses from different airlines, what’s the best way to maximize your shopping portal spending?


My favorite tool for finding the best shopping portal offers is CashbackMonitor.com. You type the retailer you want into the search bar at the top left corner, and the website lists every portal that offers a bonus for that retailer, and ranks them by category and bonus amount.

Image Courtesy of Cashback Monitor

For example, a search for Bose would show you that the best airline portal to use is American Airlines, offering 3X miles per 1$, while the best credit card portal to use is Chase Ultimate Rewards, also offering 3X points per $1. Since Chase points are much more valuable to me than AA miles, I’d go through the Chase portal in this case.


Bottom line, you should be checking shopping portals every time you make a purchase online. You literally earn free miles and points for a few extra clicks, no strings attached. Shopping portals have even shifted more of my spending from in-store to online. I earn the same credit card points if I buy an iPad in-store or online, but if I use a shopping portal online I earn an extra 2X Chase points per $1 in addition to the credit card points. That gets me another step closer to a free first class flight or a free massage at a first class lounge.

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