March 26, 2017
I Met Lilou the Therapy Pig at the Airport!

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Back in December 2016, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) introduced Lilou the therapy pig! Lilou is essentially a stress relief pig who walks around the airport with her handler to cheer up weary passengers. In addition to the airport, she also stops by hospitals and nursing homes to cheer up the sick and elderly. SFO also has dogs walking around who serve the same function, but they aren’t quite as eye catching as a pig in an airport!

I just met Lilou the therapy pig at San Francisco International airport!

Posted by ArisTravels on Saturday, March 25, 2017

I had read a story about Lilou last year but I’d completely forgotten about her when I saw her surrounded by a group of kids yesterday. It was a completely unexpected sight to see at an airport when walking between terminals to catch a connecting flight. Lilou’s handler was giving out food to the kids to feed her and they were having a great time. Even some of the airport workers stopped what they were doing to take photos 🙂 Having animals around in a stressful place like the airport is a terrific idea. It disorients you long enough to forget about the stress of where you are you can just enjoy the moment.

Featured Image Courtesy of Lilou/Instagram