April 6, 2017
Is United Facing a Wine Shortage?

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United launched the soft product portion of its new Polaris business class at the end of 2016. This includes new Saks Fifth Avenue bed sheets, pillows, food, drinks, and more. As part of the revamped service, business class passengers can now request a selection of wines to sample. The airline typically carries three white and three red wines, so you could end up sampling six glasses of wine 😉

According to airline industry reporter Brian Sumers, United Airlines is facing a wine shortage since it launched its wine sampling program. According to a leaked United memo shared on twitter, wine consumption is up 300% over United’s forecast for the year.


If United really is running out of wine, congratulations on having a hit product with consumers! I wonder how they’ll respond though. Does United cut back its business class offerings so soon after launching or does it spend more money buying alcohol for their thirsty passengers? Share your thoughts down below. I vote for more free alcohol!


Featured Image Courtesy of United