January 13, 2017
Free WiFi on Entire JetBlue fleet Gate-to-Gate

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JetBlue has finally installed free Wi-Fi on their entire fleet of jets and offers it from gate to gate.



JetBlue has been installing Wi-Fi throughout their fleet for a few years now and the service is finally live on all their aircraft. JetBlue’s ‘Fly-Fi’ has three features that distinguishes it from other airlines’ in flight Wi-Fi.


Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is completely free for all passengers! JetBlue has two tiers of Wi-Fi available. The free tier is fine for email, web browsing, social media etc. The paid tier costs $9 per hour and is useful for uploading photos, watching movies on YouTube etc. I’ve been content with the free Wi-Fi as I don’t like to surf the internet much while flying. But regardless, it’s great that its free since most other carriers charge an exorbitant amount for slow in-flight Wi-Fi that doesn’t load half the time.



JetBlue is now offering Wi-Fi gate-to-gate! That means you can connect to the network while you’re still on the ground and use it while you take off, fly, and land. The airline had this to say:


JetBlue continues to set its experience ahead of other airlines by becoming the first in the U.S. to offer gate-to-gate internet connectivity on every aircraft. Gate-to-gate Fly-Fi eliminates the need to wait until reaching cruising altitude to get connected. Instead, customers can email, surf, stream, tweet and shop from the moment they board until they reach the arrival gate.


This is a really neat innovation from JetBlue. When you need the internet, it’s very annoying having to disconnect on the ground, wait to reach cruising altitude, and wait till the Wi-Fi actually becomes active to connect. A seamless connected experience is obviously much better and distinguishes JetBlue from its competitors.



Jet-Blue’s free Wi-Fi clocks in at around 12-15 mbps, which is one of the fastest in-flight connections offered by a US airline. There’s nothing worse than paying for Wi-Fi on an airline and then being stuck with a ridiculously slow connection which is basically useless.


Final Thoughts

JetBlue has been my favorite domestic airline for a number of years now. Like all airlines, they can sometimes disappoint. However, their flights are generally on time, the cabin crew is usually pleasant and look happy to be there, and they don’t nickel and dime you quite as much as the big three-United, Delta, and American. It’s great that they’ve added Wi-Fi throughout their entire fleet. It’s always annoying when you’re flying and you have no idea whether or not your plane has Wi-Fi until you actually board. Frequent flyers place a premium value on consistency and knowing what to expect from their travel experience.