October 16, 2017
JetBlue is Adding Boarding Groups Starting Tomorrow

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JetBlue doesn’t have formal boarding groups, although it does segment its boarding process in a way which is very similar to boarding groups. After boarding travelers with young children and passengers who need extra assistance, they board Mosaic passengers, then Even More Space passengers, and then start boarding Economy passengers from the back of the plane to the front.

JetBlue sent out an email to Mosaic members informing them that the airline will introduce boarding groups starting October 17, 2017. Details are scarce at the moment, but the airline said that Mosaic members will still receive priority boarding. The new boarding process will switch from the back-front method to one “based on the entire length of the aircraft and seat assignments.”

JetBlue says the new boarding method will reduce congestion on the jet bridge and improve efficiency. We also know that its A320 and A321 aircraft will have boarding groups from A-E, and its E190 aircraft will have boarding groups A-D. That’s not a whole lot to go on. I’m sure we’ll get further details soon as the new process goes into effect tomorrow.