December 13, 2017
JetBlue is Selling a $20 Game that Comes With a Free Roundtrip Flight

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JetBlue is selling a a board game called Get Packing! on Amazon. It’s a travel themed game created by JetBlue that 3-6 players can enjoy during the holiday season. Now on to the good part-the game comes with a certificate entitling you to a free roundtrip JetBlue ticket.

You may have noticed that it’s currently sold out on Amazon. That’s because JetBlue released its first batch of 200 games on Tuesday and it instantly sold out. JetBlue will release another limited batch at 3 PM EST on December 18. Be ready to buy it ASAP because it will sell out in seconds.

The ticket comes with a few minor conditions. Flights must be booked and flown between January 1- December 31, 2018, you must be a US resident, and you must be 18+. The certificate also can’t be exchanged for cash-so you can’t sell it on eBay. Other than that, it’s valid anywhere that JetBlue flies!