June 6, 2018
JetBlue Tightens Emotional Support Animal Policy

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Pretty much all the major US airlines-American, UnitedDelta, and Alaska have tightened up their emotional support animal policies this year. JetBlue just announced its own set of changes earlier today.

Customers traveling with emotional support or physiatrist service animals will be required to submit advanced notification and documentation about the service animal. The new policy is effective for travel starting July 1, 2018. The airline’s policy for well-trained non-psychiatric service animals is not changing.

Customers can only bring dogs, cats, and “miniature horses” as emotional support animals and are limited to one per person. They must notify JetBlue at least 48 hours before travel and must fill out and a medical/mental health professional form, a veterinary health form, and a confirmation of animal behavior form. All the documents can be found here.

These seem like entirely reasonable requirements given the huge explosion of passengers bringing emotional support animals onboard these days. What do you think ?

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