November 19, 2016
Lounge Review-Lufthansa First Class Munich

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Straight to the Point

I had the opportunity to visit Lufthansa’s first class lounge in Munich when I was traveling from Munich to Beijing on a Lufthansa first class award ticket. I LOVED this lounge and can’t wait to visit again!


Accessing the Lounge

  • Lufthansa only allows guests with a same day Lufthansa or Swiss first class ticket to access it’s first class lounges.
  • You can be flying into or out of the airport on a Lufthansa or Swiss first class ticket to gain access.
  • First class passengers flying on other partner Star Alliance airlines do not have access to the Lufthansa first class lounge. They have a choice of either the Business or Senator lounge (Senator is the better of the two).
  • This makes the Lufthansa first class lounge fairly exclusive to get into.




  • There’s an expansive seating area throughout the lounge designed with Lufthansa’s traditional brown colors.
  • You’ll find various chocolates and fruits spread out along the coffee tables throughout the lounge. Many of the seats also have drink menus.
  • There were several attentive waitresses who’d periodically come by to ask if I needed anything. So, I had a glass of free apricot brandy while enjoying the lounge.
  • There are also several private work rooms available on a first come first served basis.




  • There’s a terrific dining room area with full service food and drink menus.
  • Because my flight was at night, there were dinner options available when I visited. Some of the menu items were a 100% Wagyu Beef burger, Beef Fillet. Viennese Schnitzel, Ikarimi Salmon, Bavarian Sausages, and more!
  • I had the Vienese Schnitzel and loved it!
  • If you don’t want to order off the menu, they also offer a full buffet with various hot and cold dishes.


Drinks and Cigars


  • Of course you’ll find a fully stocked bar with nearly every drink you’d want-all free.
  • If you’re a smoker, there’s also a cigar room inside the lounge for you to enjoy.




  • All of Lufthansa’s lounges always stand out as being VERY clean and well designed.
  • The highlight of the first class lounge is the shower rooms.
  • There’s several marble bathrooms available on a first come first served basis with full showers-which was super fun!
  • This was my first time taking a shower at an airport and, while it felt pretty awkward at first, it was a surprisingly great way to destress before my ten-hour flight.




  • No Lufthansa first class lounge review is complete without a mention of their famous rubber ducks!
  • The Lufthansa first class lounges in Munich and Frankfurt have specially themed rubber ducks that you can ask for as a souvenir.
  • These designs are all limited and change periodically.
  • I had the pleasure of getting a soccer duck which celebrated Germany’s win at the World Cup!


Final Thoughts

  • Overall I loved my experience in the Munich first class lounge. The whole atmosphere was very relaxing and the color scheme they had was great.
  • The servers were attentive and helped with everything I needed. The food and drinks were top notch and the lounge wasn’t overly crowded when I visited.
  • If you get the change to fly Lufthansa first class, make sure you allocate enough time to enjoy the full lounge experience before your flight.
  • Br sure to book your first class flight out of Frankfurt or Munich as these airports have the best Lufthansa lounges.
  • You can find my review of the actual first class flight here.