March 15, 2017
Toronto’s Harry Potter Themed Bar is Coming to Montreal

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All Images Courtesy of The Lockhart

There’s a Harry Potter themed bar in Toronto called The Lockhart which just announced the opening of a second location in Montreal. The design of the venue along with the food and drinks (yes they serve food) are all based on the Harry Potter!

The ‘Potions & Elixirs’ wall is a nice touch. You’ll also find various J.K. Rowling books throughout the bar along with a mounted stag’s head and other hidden nods to the series. You can order drinks like the Obliviate, Blood Magic, Shacklebolt, Better Beer, and more.

If you don’t know Harry Potter, these references are probably meaningless to you. But it still looks like an interesting bar for muggles to try. The Lockhart also hosts themed events. You can drop in for Harry Potter trivia night twice a month, periodic Magic Nights, and other special events you can find on their website. The original Lockhart is in Toronto, Canada and the second location will be opening in Montreal-but we don’t have a date yet. Will you stop in for a drink when you’re in town?

“All was well”-The final words to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.