July 31, 2018
Lounge Review: Brussels Air “The Suite” in Brussels

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Brussels Airline has several lounges in Brussels. This is a review of its Business Class lounge called “The Suite” located in Terminal B.


Star Alliance Gold members, United Club members, Air Canada Maple Leaf Club members, and Star Alliance Business and First Class passengers can enter Brussels Air’s Business Class lounges as long as they’re traveling on a Star Alliance flight. I was traveling in Brussels Airlines Business Class on my way from Venice to Armenia when I visited.


There are several seating areas. These are the tables adjacent to the buffet.

There’s a couple rooms with these comfortable couches.

And there’s this small business center with computers available.


I wasn’t impressed with the lunch buffet selection. There weren’t a lot of options and hot food was limited.

The hot items were rice and ratatouille.


I was hungry when I got off my flight. Finding no food in the lounge I actually wanted to eat (any kind of protein would have been fine), I left to get food at an airport restaurant. So overall this was a disspointing experience for me. If you aren’t too picky with food I’d imagine it would be an acceptable lounge for you.