July 23, 2018
Lounge Review: Lufthansa Business Class Lounge in Milan

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I was connecting through Milan on my way from the Seychelles to Venice about a month ago when I visited this lounge. Having a couple hours to kill, I made my way to Lufthansa’s new lounge in Milan (MXP).


Star Alliance Gold members, United Club members, Air Canada Maple Leaf Club members, and Star Alliance Business and First Class passengers can enter Lufthansa’s Business Class lounges as long as they’re traveling on a Star Alliance flight. I was fresh off my Ethiopian Airlines flight from Addis Ababa when I visited.


There’s several seating areas in this space. The main seating area is pictured above. It’s a mix of couches and bar seats with a beautiful digital bookcase in the back (those aren’t real books).

Lufthansa seems to be adding more of these hanging light bulbs in their new lounges. I love the way they look.


There’s a full service bar and a buffet here. The bar is staffed by a bartender/barista who makes drinks on demand.

I loved having a fresh brewed latte in the morning.

Breakfast was a mix of cold and hot items. Here’s a selection of what they had. I’m happy anytime there’s eggs during breakfast hours, so this was a win for me! Everything tasted delicious. I’m generally very impressed with Lufthansa’s lounge offerings.

Guests could also help themselves to beer and wine.


There were plenty of power outlets dispersed throughout the lounge, so I had no problem charging up my devices. The Wi-Fi was also very good-fast and no connection issues.


The bathroom was immaculately clean as usual for Lufthansa. I loved the Italian artwork on the walls.


I really enjoyed this lounge. It wasn’t overly crowded, the staff was attentive, and the food was great. The design was also gorgeous. It incorporated a lot of elements from Italian architecture which I loved.