January 12, 2018
Lounge Review: Lufthansa Business Class Lounge in Paris  

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After a brief stay in Paris, it was time to fly to Munich and celebrate New Years with family. Lufthansa’s Business and Senator lounges in Paris (CDG) are located adjacent to one another in Terminal 1, past security control. Lufthansa’s regional flights take off from the same handful of gates (which are all next to one another in this wing) so you can’t miss it.


The Senator section of the lounge was closed off when I visited. I was scheduled for a late flight on December 30th and there were just a handful of premium travelers in the lounge. Star Alliance Gold members, United Club members, Air Canada Maple Leaf Club members, and Star Alliance Business and First Class passengers can enter.


This was a relatively small lounge with a couple seating areas. It was the leather couches in the cover photo, a few tables near the buffet, and another row of tables on the other side of the buffet.


There was a limited buffet at this location, which makes sense given its small size.

Selection of bread and fruits


The main hot dish was beef stew, spinach, and rice. I’m glad they at least had something substantive to eat (the beef), but common they couldn’t do better than stew? Does anyone get excited about beef stew and spinach? I hate spinach, though I realize it’s not fair to knock Lufthansa for their choice of vegetable dish since plenty of people like spinach. I just wish they had German food…since Paris is a one hour flight from Germany.

There was also pork quiche and cheese quiche available. I had the pork quiche and thought it was wonderful. It helped make up for the disappointing stew.

There were two beers on tap along with your standard selection of liquors (this wasn’t top shelf stuff.


Lufthansa’s bathrooms are always squeaky clean.


Lufthansa’s Paris lounge was nothing special. It was a place to escape the crowds waiting at the gates (there were a lot of people crammed into a small space at the end of the terminal). I wouldn’t go out of my way or get exciting about visiting in the future. The food was also a bit of a disappointment. Lufthansa knows how to prepare great food if it wants to.