February 12, 2017
Lounge Review: Lufthansa Senator Lounge Frankfurt

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Straight to the Point

I had four hours in Frankfurt to try out Lufthansa’s Senator lounge and loved my time there! Here are the highlights.


Lounge Access

Lufthansa allows Star Alliance Gold members, Miles & More Senator Card members, and Miles & More HON Circle members to access its Senator lounges. I have Star Alliance Gold status through United so I decided to see how this lounge compares to the Senator lounge in Munich. Note that flyers traveling in business class get access to Lufthansa’s slightly smaller business lounge right next to the Senator lounge.



The Senator lounge in Frankfurt is huge and full of comfortable individual and 2-person couches in Lufthansa’s traditional brown and beige colors. Every seat comes with its own power outlet so you’ll have to problem charging your devices here.

There are also tables and chairs available as well as high-top seats to comfortably enjoy your food.

If you want to stretch your legs, there’s several areas in the lounge with comfortable reclined seats. They can’t be adjusted but come with their own power outlets.

There’s also a ‘hidden’ room all the way in the back of the lounge with beds! I didn’t see any signs pointing towards it and just stumbled in the room when peeking around every opening I could find. I only found one of these rooms in the lounge and best I remember there were about six mattresses. It’s great that Lufthansa provides pillows and blankets for guests!



I was in the lounge around 6AM so naturally they had breakfast food. The Senator lounge setup is a buffet with eggs, bacon, pretzels, bread, jam, fruits, pastries, etc. There’s also a large tea and coffee section. And since this is Germany, there’s always beer on tap available! The menu changes for lunch and dinner.



There’s several shower rooms available on a first come first served basis. You talk to the bathroom attendant who checks you into one of the private shower rooms. It’s always a bit awkward to shower in the airport but I find it feels wonderful between long flights. I was fresh off an overnight flight from South Africa to Frankfurt and still had another 9 hours to go to Boston so I took a shower!

The room comes with a sink, toilet, bench, shower, and a giant mirror. There’s no fancy designer soaps and amenities in the Senator lounge like there is in the Lufthansa first class lounge, but they’re still great!


Final Thoughts

I loved the Senator Lounge in Frankfurt. The layout was very similar to the Senator lounge in Munich. The main difference was that the Frankfurt lounge was much bigger and had more seating available. The food in the Senator lounge is always great. I just wish there was a wider selection of options available. Lufthansa doesn’t have too many entrée options at the buffet, but the food that it does have always tastes great.