January 5, 2017
Lounge Review-Lufthansa Senator Lounge Munich

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Straight to the Point

I got to try out Lufthansa’s Senator lounge in Munich because I’m a Star Alliance Gold member, here’s why I enjoyed the experience!



Lufthansa operates three types of lounges-Business Class, Senator, and First Class. The Senator lounges are generally slightly better than the Business lounges.


Lounge Access

Lufthansa allows Star Alliance Gold members, Miles & More Senator Card members, and Miles & More HON Circle members to access its Senator lounges. I had access because I’m a Star Alliance Gold member.




The Senator lounge in Munich is consistent with Lufthansa’s other Senator lounges across the world. There’s several seating areas with the standard leather couches Lufthansa uses. One of the seating areas was in a darker room with lower level lighting and darker upholstery. Lufthansa’s seats are always comfortable!




I was flying out of Munich to Singapore on a morning flight when I visited the lounge, so I got to try their breakfast. There was a good selection of food and drinks available. They had soup, scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, cereal, cuts of meat, vegetables, yogurt, tea, coffee, beer etc. The lounge also has a full-sized bar available. The food itself was good quality, and it’s always nice to have free breakfast before a 12 hour morning flight.



The bathroom was the only annoying thing about the lounge. It’s not actually inside the Senator area. You have to leave and walk past the lounge entrance to access it. Customers using the Business Class lounge next door also have to use the same bathroom with Senator customers, so it gets pretty busy in there!


Final Thoughts

The main difference I noticed between Lufthansa’s Business and Senator lounge is the amount and diversity of food available. There’s definitely a wider selection of options in the Senator lounge. Aside from that, the difference is negligible. Overall the Senator lounge in Munich is a great lounge and a comfortable place to relax and enjoy some free food before your flight.