July 12, 2018
Lounge Review: Salon Vallée de Mai in Mahe, Seychelles

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There’s only one lounge at Mahe airport in the Seychelles. It looks like Salon Vallée de Mai is run by Air Seychelles though they grant access to premium passengers traveling with Etihad, Qatar, Kenya, Condo, Air Austral, Emirates, Sri Lankan, Ethiopian, Turkish, and Austrian airlines.


I had lounge access since I was flying to Addis Ababa in Ethiopian Airlines Business Class that day.


This was a decent sized lounge and there was plenty of seating available when I arrived. Mahe airport is tiny so I imagine there won’t be a whole lot of Business and First Class passengers clamoring to use the lounge.

They also had this small dining area adjacent to the buffet.


The lounge had decent small bites available. You won’t find any hearty meals.

I enjoyed everything I tasted even if there weren’t many options.

This was their only warm option. They also had two coffee & tea machines and a selection of complimentary alcohol.


There were plenty of power outlets dispersed throughout the lounge, so I had no problem charging up my devices. The Wi-Fi was also very good-fast and no connection issues.


This was a very comfortable lounge. Food options were decent but nothing special. It’s great that they don’t rely on packaged snacks and actually prepare food for guests. Mahe is a very small airport with a limited number of flights. The lounge here is perfect for handling the amount of travelers passing through.