October 21, 2017
Lounge Review: US Preclearance Lounge in Dublin

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After taking a free Lufthansa Business Class flight to Europe and spending an excellent Columbus Day weekend in Florence, Italy it was time to head home to the United States. I had an Aer Lingus Business Class award flight booked from Dublin to Boston. After going through US Preclearance at Terminal 2, I visited the 51st & Green Lounge.

Dublin is one a few international airports with US Preclearance facilities. This allows you to clear US customers in Dublin. When you land in the US, you’re treated as if you’re getting off a domestic flight. While the security lines were quite long, I was able to breeze through part of the line thanks to Global Entry, a which is free if you have the right credit card.


This lounge is located in Terminal 2 after US Preclearance. Lounge access is complimentary for passengers flying in Business Class. Otherwise, you can pay to enter the lounge. It costs €35 per person if you purchase a pass online, or €39 if you pay at the lounge.


This is a fairly large lounge with ample seating. There weren’t many people inside even though the terminal was packed, which was a very pleasant relief from US lounges which are usually crowded. The center of the lounge had large comfortable chars as depicted above.

There’s also seating around a coffee station. You can order custom coffee which the barista will make on the spot for you.

The lounge is surrounded with massive glass panels allowing great viewing of the tarmac. I pulled out a chair by one of these windows and just watched planes landing for a while.


There’s a decent buffet here with an assortment of cold foods. They had two soup containers which were empty. I’m guessing soup service hadn’t started yet as I was there around 10:00 AM.

There’s a make your own pancake machine! I love these things. Sadly I didn’t have any so I can’t tell you how they tasted.

Some of the drinks and snacks available for breakfast

Assortment of pastries and sodas available.

There’s also a small menu of a la carte food and beverage items available if you want to order something else. This include things like a Caesar salad, Clam Chowder, Mac & Cheese etc. The a la cart options are not free.


The bathroom is small but it was in excellent condition. There are separate shower rooms available.


I enjoyed my brief time at this lounge. It has a lot of open space and a great view of the tarmac. The food offerings were decent but nothing special. The only downside was the lack of hot food.