February 9, 2018
Lufthansa Group will Begin Charging for “Preferred Seats”

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Airlines around the world are turning to unbundling their fares in order to increase profits and compete with low-cost carriers like Norwegian, WOW Air, etc. The idea is to sell a base ticket as cheaply as possible and sell everything else as an optional add-on.

Lufthansa, Austrian, and Swiss airlines will begin charging a fee for “preferred seating zones” starting March 7, 2018. These aren’t seats with more legroom. They’re standard Economy Class seats which are closer to the exit doors. The only perk is that you can disembark before other Economy passengers.

Travelers can book these seats starting February 20, 2018. Prices will range from €30-€50 depending on the length of the flight and the route. Passengers with higher tier Miles & More status (HON Circle or Senator) can select the “preferred seats” for free.

This is a pretty lousy thing to charge a fee for. I can only justify paying for this if there’s a particularly tight connection and you need to be off the plane ASAP.

H/T: Business Traveler

Images Courtesy of Lufthansa