January 26, 2018
Lufthansa Rolling Out Automatic Check-In for Certain Passengers

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Airlines and hotels are continuously investing in new technology to make the travel experience easier and more seamless for travelers, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. Lufthansa announced the introduction of automatic check-in for certain customers this morning.

Image Courtesy of Lufthansa

Travelers normally have to manually check-in for their flight. This can typically be done up to 24 hours in advance on the airline’s app, website, or at the airport. Lufthansa passengers traveling within Germany or to destinations in Europe will now automatically receive their boarding pass 23 hours before departure.

Passengers must purchase the airline ticket at least 24 hours in advance and enter the ticket details in their Miles & More account or Lufthansa ID profile to qualify for automatic check-in. Passengers who don’t want to link their ticket to a Miles & More account or Lufthansa ID can sign-up for automatic check-in through a link in their original booking confirmation email.

Featured Image Courtesy of Getty Images