September 27, 2017
Lufthansa Starts Domestic Boeing 747 Service while United Retires its 747s

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With Boeing 747’s slowly becoming a thing of the past, one European airline is still putting them to good use. Lufthansa recently announced domestic routes within Germany using its older Boeing 747-400 aircraft. This comes at a time when Boeing has no new orders for these aircraft and American carriers are actively retiring them.

Lufthansa will fly the the “Queen of the Skies” from Frankfurt (FRA) to Berlin (TXL). The 1 hour 10 minute flight will include a three class configuration: Business, Premium Economy, and Economy. These 747’s have had their First Class cabins removed due to low demand. Flights are scheduled from November 13th to November 30th.

Air China 747

Lufthansa is one of three passenger airlines operating the newest variant of the Boeing 747, the 747-8. The other two are Korean Air and Air China.  However, if Boeing doesn’t make this historic jumbojet more fuel efficient, these three airlines might be the last ones flying them around the world.

United Airlines has already scheduled its last Boeing 747 farewell flight for passengers on November 7th, 2017. While tickets for this historic flight sold out within minutes, avgeeks worldwide still have the chance to bid for a seat with United miles until October 17th. The last flight will be from San Francisco (SFO) to Honolulu (HNL). Winners of the United auction will receive:

  • Domestic airfare to SFO on November 6th, one day before the flight.
  • Hotel accommodations on November 6th in San Francisco
  • Two economy seats on the farewell 747 on November 7th
  • Two nights of hotel accommodations in Honolulu
  • Two Economy return tickets back to the passengers’s hometown


The final historic flight will recreate United’s first 747 from 1970. The flight will include flight attendants dressed in 1970’s era uniforms and passengers will get to keep an actual piece of a 747. United hasn’t disclosed which part of the 747 or whether it’s coming from a scrapped aircraft.

Bids for these tickets are sky-high. The first auction, which offers early boarding, is currently bidding at 176,000 United Miles. The second auction, which doesn’t come with early boarding, is currently bidding at 151,000 United Miles.