October 18, 2017
Lufthansa Suing Massport After 2015 Blizzard Damage

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Lufthansa, Germany’s largest airline, is taking Massport to court over damage caused to one of its aircraft in the historic winter of 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts. Massport is the port authority which owns and operates Boston’s Logan airport. Lufthansa is claiming that improperly managed snow at Logan airport damaged its aircraft engines.


The incident took place on February 9th, 2015, when numerous blizzards were pounding most of Massachusetts, including the Boston area. The winter of 2015 had one of the highest recorded levels on snowfall in the state.

Nine feet of snow bury Boston in the 2015 blizzard

According to Universal Hub, “the rightmost engine on the plane hit a snow bank on the right side, and the rightmost engine ‘shoveled’ in ‘a large amount of snow and/or ice'” while taxiing off the runway bound for Frankfurt. Lufthansa was forced to cancel flight 423 and accommodate passengers into hotels.


Lufthansa is asking for $2.8 million dollars in damages from Massport for engine repair and other costs that were associated with flight cancellation. The airline claims that the snow which was forced into its engine damaged 38 engine blades and contaminated the engine core with “granulated material”. Lufthansa had to send in a replacement engine and send the grounded aircraft and old engine back to Germany for repairs.


The lawsuit filed in the US District Court argues that Massport should have complied with FAA regulations which require that airplanes must be able to taxi and take off without hitting anything. Massport has yet to release a public statement.


H/T: Boston Magazine