September 5, 2018
Lufthansa Testing a New Lounge Light Concept in Munich

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Lufthansa is testing a new service called “Delights to Go” at Munich (MUC) airport for the next 6 months. Today was the official launch day of the new product. Delights to Go offers passengers with lounge access a quick way to grab small snacks and drinks before their flight.

It’s a small area located near gate G19 in Terminal 2. Passengers scan their boarding pass to enter, grab whatever they want, and head to their flight. You can select one of three snack boxes from a digital interface. These include Classic-tuna wrap or Greek salad, Balance-sprout sandwich or quinoa salad, or Local-Munich sausage salad. Each box comes with a sweet side and a bottle of water.

Passengers can also select a hot beverage to go with their snack box. Offerings will rotate every two weeks. I love this concept. There have been several times when I have a tight connection and want to get food before my flight but I don’t have time to visit the lounge. Lines to buy food at Munich airport are usually very long. This would be a perfect solution!

Images Courtesy of Lufthansa