December 13, 2017
Lyft Expands to its First International City-Toronto

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Ride sharing app Lyft has officially launched in its first international market-Toronto. While Uber has been aggressively expanding all over the world in recent years, Lyft has taken a more cautious approach. Lyft is now available to 95% of the US population and the company feels its finally ready to compete with Uber and Taxis abroad.

The app works just like it does in the US. You should see available drivers as soon as you launch it while you’re in Toronto. Passengers can select from Lyft Rides, Plus, Premiere, Lux, and Lux SUV. This is great news for travelers. As Uber, Lyft, and Taxis battle it out, riders get the benefit of lower fares and perks for riding. Do you prefer Uber or Lyft? I’m more of an Uber person.

Images Courtesy of Lyft