March 23, 2017
Make Ship Happen with Virgin Voyages

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Since Alaska announced today that it’s ending the Virgin America brand, against the wishes of its founder Richard Branson, we wanted to write about the future of Branson’s Virgin empire-Virgin Voyages.

Virgin Voyages representatives celebrated the start of construction on the company’s first cruise ship yesterday. The ship is set to carry 2,700 passengers and is scheduled to sail from Miami on its first week-long Caribbean cruise as early as 2020. Virgin Voyages has comissioned the construction of three ships at a cost of $2.55 billion, though more could be added in the future. The second and third ships are on track to set sail in 2021 and 2022, though we don’t know where they’ll be based. Check out the teaser from Virgin Voyages below. That’s pretty much the extent of what we know about the Virgin sailing experience.

We have very few details on the actual design of the new ships and the type of cruising environment they’ll promote. Virgin Voyages CEO Tom McAlpin said yesterday- “Today is the moment when our intrepid, romantic and irresistible vision for Virgin Voyages starts to become tangible.”

I generally don’t like cruises, but I respect what Richard Branson has done with Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America etc. He always pushes boundaries and seeks to create exciting and memorable experiences for his customers. I’m actually a looking forward to seeing the first Virgin Voyages ship in 2020. Do you guys prefer cruising or flying to your destination?


Featured Image Courtesy of Virgin Voyages