November 25, 2016
Black Friday Offer-10X United Miles via MileagePlus X App

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Straight to the Point

The United MileagePlus X app (which gives you bonus United miles for purchasing gift cards from various merchants) is offering up to 10X miles per dollar on select merchants between November 25-November 28!


What is MileagePlus X app

  • United MileagePlus X is an app that lets you buy digital gift cards on your phone.
  • United typically gives you between 1-5 bonus miles per dollar spent on the app.
  • If you have a United co-branded credit card, United gives you an additional 25% bonus miles. You don’t actually have to pay with the United credit card to get this bonus, you just have to have a United credit card on file.
  • You can find TONS of online and brick-and-mortar retailers on the app including Amazon, Starbucks, Petco, Gap, Staples, IHOP, Regal Entertainment, Nordstrom, and lots more!


Why use MileagePlus X app

  • Here’s just one example of why it makes sense to buy these digital gift cards. Let’s say you’re a regular at Panera Bread and spend $100 per month there, totaling $1,200 per year.
  • If you pay with any old credit card, you get 1,200 points per year.
  • If you buy Panera gift cards on the app, United gives you 5X miles per dollar for Panera Bread spending. So, your $1,200 in spending would get you 6,000 United miles. If you have a United credit card linked to your account, you also get a 25% bonus, netting you another 1,500 United miles. You get 7,500 United miles just from using the app. And remember, the app charges your credit card for these purchases, so you still get the same 1,200 points via your credit card for the $1,200 you spend.
  • Congrats, you just got 7,500 free United miles for buying digital gift cards on your phone!


Black Friday-Cyber Monday Bonus

  • United is offering up to 10X miles per dollar on certain merchant gift cards you purchase on the app between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (11/25-11/28).
  • Some examples of these merchants include Gap, Nike, Lowe’s, Sears, Banana Republic, Old Navy and more!
  • Several merchants also appear to be offering an increased 8X this weekend as well.


Final Thoughts

  • It’s definitely worth checking out the United MileagePlus X app this weekend.
  • If you’re planning on buying anything from merchants offering these huge bonus miles, I’d buy the gift cards.
  • You don’t have to spend the gift cards right away. So just buy them now and use them whenever you want!