April 11, 2018
New Economy Seats Coming to Lufthansa Group in 2019

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The Lufthansa Group is in the process of standardizing seats across all its member airlines (these are Lufthansa, Swiss, and Austrian). The idea is to install the same bones for each seat across the respective classes and just change cosmetics. Seat colors, amenities, and service will differ by airline but the hard product will be the same. This is being done to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

Lufthansa’s New A320 Economy Seat

Lufthansa will begin this process in the forward cabin when it takes delivery of its next generation Business Class seats in 2020. It’s starting even sooner in Economy though. Lufthansa Group’s new A320 deliveries (starting in 2019) will have the standardized Economy seats across Lufthansa, Swiss, and Austrian aircraft.

Swiss’s New A320 Economy Seat

The new seats are somehow getting even slimmer than current generation seats. Lufthansa says this will “allow guests to enjoy more personal freedom” (laugh along with me). But on the bright side, seat incline is increasing from 12 degrees to 20 degrees. These are only being added to short and medium haul aircraft, so flights from North American to Europe are remaining the same (for now).

Images Courtesy of Lufthansa Group