August 8, 2017
New England Patriots become First NFL Team to Buy its own Jets

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According to ESPN, the New England Patriots recently purchased two Boeing 767 aircraft to fly the team to football games. You know you’ve made it big when you own your own fleet of private jets. The Super Bowl champions are the first NFL team to make such a purchase. One plane will serve as the team’s primary aircraft while the other will serve as a backup.


The planes have understandably been retrofitted with all domestic first-class seats, with some seats fully reclining. (I’d have installed all lie-flat seats instead of a mix). Sources tell ESPN that these planes have a flight range of around 12 hours-which seems like overkill considering a transcontinental flight is around 6 hours. Where are they planning on flying to?


The Patriots likely made these purchases because legacy carriers like Delta and American have started retiring the planes they use to charter NFL teams around the country. Those planes are getting old and are due for costly maintenance upgrades. Given how profitable commercial aviation has become in the US since the fall in oil prices, those extra costs aren’t worth it to airlines since they can make more money flying commercial than charter now. Congrats to the Patriots on another accomplishment 🙂