February 7, 2017
New Lufthansa A350 Flying Boston-Munich

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Lufthansa is launching its second route with its brand new A350 from Boston-Munich on March 14!



Lufthansa finally revealed its new A350s last week in Munich. The good news is that it should make flying more comfortable for all passengers as the plane is an extra-wide body jet, has better mood lighting, better air ventilation, and is much quieter than its predecessors. Speaking of better mood lighting, there will actually be 24 different LED light settings on the aircraft to offer the ideal lighting at the ideal time for passengers. Lufthansa is also upgrading its in-flight entertainment system on these planes. Passengers can use the Lufthansa companion app to select what they want to watch on the flight up to 6 weeks in advance. Once they’re on the plane, they can sync their mobile device with the seat-back monitor to access their selections (not the most exciting enhancement in the world). The plane will have 224 economy seats, 21 premium economy seats, and 48 business class seats.

The only bad news about the A350 is that there’s no first class on board! Demand for first class has been dropping as business class cabins continue to improve and airlines are adapting by being very selective about which routes offer first class. Lufthansa has said they will route many of their new A350s through their Munich hub and not offer first class on those planes. I’m personally not too happy about this as I loved my first class experience on Lufthansa.



The seats in economy are laid out in a 3-3-3 configuration (thank God they didn’t pack 10 seats across). They’re also made of more comfortable material and are given various new shades of blue.


Premium Economy


The premium economy seats are wider and offer more legroom than economy seats. They also recline a bit further and have a drop down foot-rest. The premium economy cabin is arranged in a 2-3-2 configuration. There’s no significant changes between Lufthansa’s existing PE and that on the new A350s.

Business Class

The business class cabin is almost identical to Lufthansa’s existing business class product. The seats are still arranged in an outdated 2-2-2 configuration. This is starting to get fairly uncompetitive with other carriers who frequently offer direct aisle access to all their business passengers with a 1-2-1 configuration.  Unfortunately, Lufthansa won’t be upgrading their business cabins until 2020. Lufthansa is adding a new ‘self-service bar’ to business class in the A350. I wouldn’t get too exciting about this though as it’s not really a bar! It’s just a table in the back of business class that has snacks for passengers to take on demand during the flight. The video screens are also supposed to be a tab wider than their other planes.


Newest A350 Routes

Lufthansa already launched its newest A350 route from Munich-Delhi this week. It’s launching its second route from Munich-Boston on March 14. Those flights are already bookable. I’m actually based out of Boston and fly this route several times a year so I’m excited to try out the new aircraft asap!


How to Pay


How to Redeem Miles (One-Way)

  • Air Canada Aeroplan
    • Economy: 30,000 miles+ ~$200 in taxes and fees
    • Business: 55,000 miles + ~$550 in taxes and fees

  • United MileagePlus
    • Economy: 30,000 miles+ ~$50 in taxes and fees
    • Business: 70,000 miles+ ~$50 in taxes and fees

  • Lufthansa Miles & More
    • Economy: 30,000 miles+ ~$150 in taxes and fees
    • Premium Economy: 40,000 miles+ ~$150 in taxes and fees
    • Business: 52,000 miles+ ~$500 in taxes and fees