February 8, 2018
Nigeria’s Dana Airlines Door Falls Off on the Runway

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A Dana Air flight from Lagos to Abuja had a surprise turn of events on February 7th. It’s understandable if you have no idea what Dana Air is-it’s a regional airline based in Nigeria. One of the aircraft’s emergency exit doors just fell off while it was taxing on the runway after landing.

Passengers report that the flight was noisy, the floor panel was vibrating, and the door was rattling throughout the flight. The emergency door latch also appeared lose. Dana Air is denying reports that the door fell off on its own. It alleges that passengers must have tampered with the door and opened it. Passengers are denying that anyone tampered with the door and insist it just fell off.

Perhaps even more startling, the aircraft’s return flight was only delayed for eight minutes. Why bother taking the flight out of service when you can slap the door back on with just an eight minute delay I guess.


Featured Image Courtesy of Dana Air