December 19, 2016
Pakistan Airlines Employees Sacrifice Goat for Good Luck

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Straight to the Point

A group of Pakistan International Airlines employees sacrificed a goat on the runway before one of their recently reintroduced ATR aircraft took flight. There’s a picture of the scene at the bottom of this article-it’s graphic.



On December 7, a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) ATR 42 aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff. All 47 people on board are presumed to have died. After the accident, PIA grounded their fleet of 10 ATR aircraft to run diagnostics and make sure they were fit to fly. In the meantime, they temporarily substituted other aircrafts on their routes.


Goat Sacrifice

Pakistan Airlines approved its grounded ATR aircraft for operations today. Apparently, some employees were excited by this news and wanted to make sure nothing happened to those flights. Per Dawn news, a group of employees sacrificed a goat for ‘sadqa’ before the first cleared ATR jet took off. The sacrifice seems to have worked as the plane made it all the way to its destination of Multan, Pakistan with no problem!


Meanwhile, Pakistan Airlines is trying to manage the publicity of the sacrificed goat. Its spokesman came out and said “it was done by some local employees as a gesture of gratitude over the clearance of the first ATR.” He also clarified that it was not a management decision to sacrifice the goat.


Final Thoughts

I’m not sure what it says about the safety of an airline when its own employees are so superstitious of flying that they take to sacrificing a goat next to the plane that’s about to take off for good luck. I wasn’t planning on flying Pakistan Airlines anytime soon anyway, but now I think I’ll play it safe and definitely avoid the airline for a while. Another thing that caught my eye was the gentleman dressed in military uniform standing by the goat slaughter. Would love to know what he’s doing there!