October 14, 2017
Qantas LAX Based Aircraft Switching to Biofuel by 2020

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Qantas will be powering its Los Angeles (LAX) based aircraft with biofuels by 2020. The Australian airline has agreed to purchase eight million gallons of the renewable jet fuel each year from US based bio-energy company SG Preston. The bio fuel is made from 50% non-food plant oils and 50% traditional jet fuel. It emits half the amount of carbon emissions as traditional jet fuel. The CEO of Qantas International and Freight said the following:

“The partnership with SG Preston is part of our commitment to lowering carbon emissions across our operations and sees us becoming the first Australian airline to use renewable jet fuel on an ongoing basis.

This comes after Qantas first began testing domestic biofuel flights back in 2012. The airline is only using biofuel on its LAX based flights and not across its entire fleet because it needs to partner with local companies that can supply the biofuel. LAX is advanced and large enough to offer this.