August 9, 2017
Qatar is Waiving Visa Requirments for 80 Countries

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Qatar’s tourism industry has understandable taken a hit since the two-month-old blockade imposed by several of its Arab neighbors. In an effort to encourage renewed tourism to the Gulf state, Qatar is lifting visa requirements for citizens of 80 countries, including the United States.


The visa changes come in two forms. Citizens of certain countries including the United States, India, Lebanon, New Zealand, South Africa, and many European countries will be issued a multi-entry visa on arrival in Doha for free. All you need is a passport with at least 6 months until expiration, and a booked ticket out of Qatar. Citizens of some countries will be allowed stays of up to 180 days while citizens of most of the 80 countries will be granted stays of 30 days.


In the case of the United States, Americans will be granted free visas valid for 30 days on arrival in Qatar. The new visa rules go into effect immediately. Are you more likely to visit the Gulf state now that you don’t have to pay for a visa?


H/T: Reuters