August 17, 2017
Review: Ama Ama Restaurant at Disney’s Aluani in Hawaii

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Aulani is Disney’s resort in Oahu Hawaii. You can find my overview of the check-in process and my review of the two-bedroom villa where I stayed at the link above.


Aulani offers three main restaurants-Makahiki, Ama Ama, and Ulu café. There’s several smaller ones scattered throughout the resort that sell snacks like corn dogs, chicken fingers, drinks etc, along with two bars. Finally, Aulani offers a luau about four times a week (this can vary week to week). If you’re interested in attending the luau, you should reserve it in advance-these can sell out. It’s a combination Hawaiian buffet and show highlighting Hawaiian and Polynesian culture.

Ama Ama-Lunch

Ama Ama is a beautiful restaurant with great views of the ocean. We went for both lunch and dinner and had a mixed experience. Basically, service during lunch was slow and the food was very expensive for what you received. There weren’t many interesting options on the menu, it was standard American food with a price premium, and none of it tasted especially great either.

I wouldn’t recommend visiting Ama Ama for lunch. Mostly because the food was bland and very expensive. We ended up going to the nearby Ulu café for lunch on most days instead. Aulani’s Ulu offers quick service food, so you’re not waiting too long for your food, it’s much cheaper, and tasted about as good as Ama Ama.


Ama Ama-Dinner

Dinner at Ama Ama is a completely different experience. First off, there’s a dress code. It’s nothing too crazy, but you need a nice shirt and pants or shorts. Sandals and ripped clothing aren’t allowed. You should also have a reservation before you go for dinner. Ama Ama is consistently booked and the wait times without a reservation can be quite long.


We had a beautiful view of the ocean during our meal. Unlike service during lunch, service during dinner was wonderful. The waiters were all attentive and knowledgeable about the food and drink offerings. Ama Ama also offers a much broader menu during dinner with lots of excellent local food choices.

Here’s my outstanding Hawaiian moonfish fillet.

I don’t know why the coconut rice was green, but it was delicious.

We tried a few of their desserts-they were all wonderful.


Overall, I loved the dinner experience at Ama Ama. Be warned-it’s going to be expensive to eat here. But you get good value for your money. The service was on point, everything we tried was delicious, our server gave us some great wine recommendations, and you get a beautiful view of the Hawaiian sunset. I’d skip lunch at Ama Ama and just enjoy the dinner experience there!