June 12, 2017
Review: Asiana Business Class Lounge in Seoul (ICN)

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Asiana operates multiple business class lounges at ICN airport in Seoul. The main lounge is just past security and is huge. The secondary lounge is on the concourse. This is a review of the secondary lounge on the concourse near gate 110.



The lounge offers ample types of seating for guests. My favorite area was the seating along the fake library they had built along the back wall. There’s rows of fake books on shelves with comfortable couches staggered along the way.

There’s a few spots with couches facing  large TVs playing CNN.

Finally, there’s a dining room area of the lounge consisting of small tables next to the buffet.



I was really let down by the food options at the Asiana business lounge. Having just visited the ANA business lounge in Tokyo a few days earlier, I was expecting something similar-alas this was not be the case.

Asiana offers a buffet with various types of food. We have bread and small croissants to start.

Salad Bar



This was probably the most depressing feature of the lounge. There were make your own fast food noodle cups. You just fill it with hot water and presto, you have your dinner. Having just witnessed the noddle bar at the ANA lounge, where you order a meal and a chef prepares it for you, my only thought was…seriously Asiana?

There were three hot plate options-Chicken Tandoori, Beijing Fried Rice, and Mixed Vegetables.



There were four “Relaxing Rooms” available. These were small dark rooms with reclining massage chairs. The lounge also offers a business center with computers, a printer, and a fax machine.


The most important thing I look for in a lounge is the food. If they offer good food and decent seating, I’m happy. I’d classify the food at this Asiana lounge as barely decent. I didn’t feel like indulging in breaded tandoori chicken and rice before a 10 hour flight so I ended up eating elsewhere in the airport. If this was a Priority Pass lounge I’d have been impressed, but the food selection was below par for a Star Alliance business class lounge. The design of the lounge was really impressive though. I loved the bookshelves!