December 27, 2017
Review: Delta Sky Club Lounge in Orlando (MCO)

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After spending a few magical days at Walt Disney World over the Christmas season, it was time to fly back to Boston. I got to checkout the Delta Sky Club at Orlando International (MCO) located near gate 71 in Terminal B.


I was able to get in for free thanks to my Platinum Card from American Express. Cardholders can access Delta Sky Clubs when traveling on Delta the same day, and they can purchase guest passes for $29 (down from the normal $59).


The first thing that struck me when entering was the size of this lounge. There’s several seating areas, a large room with a buffet, and a bar. There were plenty of available seats, though not every seat had access to power outlets.

The environment conveyed a bit of an old world Florida vibe. There are decent views of the runway so you can plane watch all you want.


I’m relatively new to flying Delta as I’m in the process of switching a lot of my domestic flying from United to Delta. The food offerings came as a bit of a surprise after having extensive experience with United Clubs’ paltry options of cheese and soup.

There was a great salad bar, an appetizer bar, and a snack bar. I need to point out that the salad bar had grilled chicken-notable because a lot of low end lounges (and United Clubs) are very stingy with their protein options.

The buffet also had vegan vegetable soup, creamy chicken soup, and mac & cheese. I was very impressed with the food. Of course it won’t be as nice as an international Business or First Class lounge, but it was great for a domestic lounge.

You can find this sizeable bar adjacent to the buffet. Overall I enjoyed my experience with this Sky Club. My biggest complaint is the lack of power outlets. This space clearly hasn’t been updated in years and lounges in 2017 need power outlets.