October 7, 2017
Review: Lufthansa Business Class Lounge in Boston

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Boston’s Logan airport expanded their international Terminal E about six months ago. As part of that expansion, they made room for much needed lounge space. Lufthansa was one of the airlines to open a new lounge. I’ve been to the old Lufthansa lounge in Boston a few times, and let’s just say it was sorely disappointing. I recently got to try their new lounge before my flight to Frankfurt. It’s a huge improvement.


The lounge offers several seating options. There’s a dining room area in the middle of the lounge, adjacent to the buffet. There are also a couple rooms with the standard brown Lufthansa couches. I couldn’t get pictures of these as the lounge was packed and I don’t like photographing passengers.

They also had a room with a giant TV showing a soccer match. This was adjacent to a few rows of Lufthansa’s traditional bar seats (again, didn’t want to photograph passengers).


There’s a buffet and a fully stocked bar. In the center of the food area, you’ll find this circular counter with small snacks, desserts, water, and juice. Lufthansa is remarkably consistent across their lounge network around the world, yet I’ve never seen a counter like this in one of their lounges before. The bar is behind the counter in this photo. The bartender was super friendly!

The buffet had a mix of German food, small sandwiches, and appetizers. It also had both hot food and cold food. This is the German weisswurst and knockwurst. They were both delicious and were accompanied with a side of sweet mustard, spicy mustard, and apple sauce.

Grilled potatoes, ‘pretzel balls’, and some kind of cheese sauce. These were also served hot. I’m fairly certain the pretzel balls and cheese sauce are an Americanized version of German food as I’ve never seen those in Germany.

Some of the items in the cold bar. (There was more food available that I didn’t get to photograph).

Small finger sandwiches

Lufthansa Confectionary Station. Lufthansa has larger versions of these in Germany. I love that they brought it to Boston! Who doesn’t want gummy bears before their flight?


The bathrooms were immaculate. Lufthansa always does an excellent job of keeping its bathrooms clean. That said, it was too small. I had to leave the lounge and use the bathroom by the gate since I didn’t want to wait in line.


The service in this lounge was excellent. The bar tender was super happy to talk to me, the servers were clearing used plates in a timely fashion, the food kept getting restocked as soon as it ran low, and servers would check in once in a while and ask if we needed anything. The lounge also had direct access to the boarding ramp, which was awesome! We just scanned our boarding passes and walked out a door in the back of the lounge towards the plane.

My only complaint is that the space is too small. There were passengers on an upcoming Swiss and Lufthansa flight using the lounge at the same time and it was packed. To the point where it was difficult to find a seat. I can’t exactly fault Lufthansa too much for this as their old Boston lounge was so bad it was always empty, so they may have underestimated demand for an actual good lounge in Boston. Hopefully they can expand the space. You can find my other Lufthansa lounge reviews at these links: